vote for unity is a vote for victory

Kojo's Priorities

As a Social Democrat, I am committed to policies aimed at curbing inequality, reducing poverty and encouraging prosperity. Also, I have a stated mission to support interventions to promote social justice. My role is not simply to hear the voice of the majority but to be that voice and then to act on it in an informed and energetic manner.

With unity of purpose, we will achieve our goals.

The hostility that regretfully plagued the NDC after our defeat in 2016 has been a source of profound distress for me. But rather than join the chorus of blame I chose to view it as an opportunity to demonstrate that with leadership and unity of purpose we can rise above discord. I took action by initiating the Unity Walk campaign, which took place in ten regions across the country.

I believe I have something unique to offer

The success of the Unity Walks was an affirmation that I am in a position to offer something unique. My many years of experience as an entrepreneur, businessman, national sports administrator, media owner and corporate leader have been in ‘that sphere of life’ where one is judged by results, not by the magnitude of the promises. In short, I am a man of action, and action is what is needed to lead the NDC to victory in 2020.

It’s not just about the NDC; it’s about the future of Ghana.

After endless hours of discussion, consultation and contemplation about the best ways to move Ghana forward, I believe I have found an approach that will succeed. My ideas are set out in a brief manifesto, available on this link.

I am here to serve.

As a life-long member of the NDC, I am ready to assume the role of flagbearer and to do everything within my power to lead the NDC to victory in 2020. I am here to serve, and it would be a great honour to have your backing and support.

We need a re-energised NDC.

We need an NDC with open lines of communication to all members and workers, irrespective of who and where they are. Using mobile technology, I will set up ‘always-on’ channels of communication accessible to all our members.

I aim to build an NDC that acts swiftly and decisively to remove corruption and self-interest; an NDC that is unconditionally committed to transparency and ethical governance. I believe that ethical governance is not merely about compliance, but primarily about conscience. I will build an NDC that is prepared to redress the broken promises of the past, like paying workers timeously, without delay.

In an NDC led by me, you will know what happens as it happens because you will be an integral part of the decision-making process.

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Message From Kojo Bonsu

My decision to run for high office is not a sudden whim, but a calling that is deeply rooted in my upbringing and experience as an entrepreneur, businessman, social democrat and public servant.

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